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This project for the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife analyzed the existing conditions of the current roadways and parking lots to determine the most cost-effective treatments to improve the pavements through the development of a Park Surface Treatment Plan. This plan prioritized and guided future improvements and funding requests, and included a recommendation and the design for Phase 1 improvements to utilize current funding ($2.76M, including design). RockSol provided geotechnical and pavement recommendations for the park’s primary roadways and campground roadways, including the recommendations for Phase 1 improvements. RockSol also provided design services for Phase 1 improvements and the final Park Surface Treatment Plan. The design included preliminary and final design submittals such as utility impacts, grading impacts, environmental review, GESC, drainage structure inventory, and reservoir ponding impacts considered in the production of final PS&E documents for advertisement.


Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife Cherry Creek Park Rehabilitation (Design and Pre-Construction Package)

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