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RockSol took on construction management and offered design support throughout the construction phase as well as the geotechnical and pavement design aspect in pre-construction. Key personnel involved in the project included Adam Ruff, Dennis Murphy, Scott McDaniel, Don Hunt, and Jay Goldbaum. Key considerations encompassed effectively blending the existing roadway with widening efforts to meet budget constraints, implementing new interchanges and structures, managing wildlife and associated structures, and maintaining environmental sensitivity throughout the project. . Due to the unsuitable material under large sections of the new roadway alignment, the CM field staff and Geotechnical groups worked hand in hand to determine the most cost effective and time sensitive way to bridge large clay pockets to produce a stable driving surface. Due to the total lane miles of the project, construction staff was split into separate package groups to oversee different sections of the job to create a more efficient work environment.


CDOT R1 I-25 South Gap (Pre-Construction, Design, and Construction Packages) 

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