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RockSol’s scope on this CMGC project is for construction management, inspection, and materials testing services for the I-70 Vail Pass Safety & Operations project. The Vail Pass project is located along I-70 in Eagle and Summit Counties, from approximately Milepost (MP) 180-191.5. This project includes the construction of new eastbound and westbound bridges at MM185.5 as well as the addition of a 3rd lane from 185.0 to 191.5 Eastbound. The purpose of the Vail Pass Safety & Operations Project is to improve safety and operations on Eastbound and Westbound I-70 on West Vail Pass. Due to the remote location of the project, our team focused heavily on the quality of the material being delivered to site to ensure the maximum lifespan of all items on the project.


CDOT R3 I-70 West Vail Pass Safety Improvements (Construction Package)

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