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Structural Engineering

The RockSol team offers substantial experience in providing structural engineering services for a wide range of projects, from bridges and retaining walls to hydraulic structures.


The wide range in type, size, and configuration of our successfully built structures demonstrates our extensive design capabilities. We provide conceptual studies, preliminary design, final design, and construction engineering services to take the project from the study phase through construction. RockSol also performs in-service bridge assessments.

Conceptual Structural Design

RockSol conducts conceptual designs, which establish the length and width of the structure, and prepare conceptual layout drawings. Our engineers coordinate closely with the other disciplines to prepare conceptual structure configurations that meet the needs of the overall project layout configuration. We also prepare conceptual construction cost estimates to aid in compiling project program costs.

Preliminary Structural Design

Our preliminary designs establish the span configuration, structure type, and structure depth. At the beginning of structures projects, we conduct an initial site visit to understand geometric constraints that affect the structure layout configuration. Feasible structure types are evaluated for efficiency, constructability, and minimum long-term maintenance. The evaluation is documented in a structure selection report. We also produce preliminary layout drawings showing span configuration and structure limits. For bridges, we verify that the profile and structure depth provide adequate vertical clearance and verify concurrence with the structure layout.

Final Structural Design

The RockSol team designs each structure component to provide more capacity than the applied loads, and to function within service limits. Our experienced structural engineering staff design structures of many types, including structural steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, post-tensioned concrete, spliced concrete girders, and composite structures. Our designs use linear or nonlinear analysis, as appropriate.

Safety Critical Review

RockSol’s experience includes reviewing contractors’ Safety Critical Plans, and ensuring safety critical work elements are completed in compliance with the requirement of the Safety Critical Plans. Safety critical elements include bridge demolition, shored structures, girder erections, formwork and falsework design, as well as sheet piling and post tensioning of structures.

Post-Design Services

RockSol’s structural construction engineering services include reviewing shop drawing submittals, preparing revisions, and evaluating / preparing responses to Requests for Information. Our staff’s construction assistance services include problem-solving at key construction elements, such as girder erection and post-tensioning. Our structural engineers are also available to assist in the construction inspection of major bridge elements.

ABC Technologies Implementation

RockSol has used a range of approaches to reduce construction impacts and schedule bridge replacement projects. We are experienced in accelerated bridge construction (ABC) methods, such as prefabricated elements like precast prestressed girders and panels and fabricated structural steel girders. We have provided owner verification support, including reviewing bridge plans and transport plans, for roll-in bridge construction methods. For example, RockSol assisted CDOT in monitoring deflections and twist of the first bridge on Colorado’s highway system that was moved into place using self-propelled modular transporters, an ABC technique that reduced traffic impacts to I-70.

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