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Moraine Avenue Bridge Replacement

In September 2013, Fall River flooded Estes Park, coming out of its banks in several locations and causing significant damage. The Town of Estes Park applied for flood recovery funds and received a $2 million CDB Grant for Disaster Recovery through DOlA. The goal of the project was to increase hydraulic capacity and decrease flood risk. The Town of Estes Park used the grant and Town funds to fund the design and construction of the structure replacement for Fall River under Moraine Avenue. Additionally, the Town desired to provide a pedestrian and/or trail crossing under the road, if feasible.

RockSol and our hydraulics subconsultant developed six alternatives for the Town of Estes Park, with a recommended alternative. Alternatives development involved inter-discipline coordination between hydraulics, structural, and multi-modal facilities. The RockSol team discussed these alternatives with the Town’s Public Works Department, and then presented them at a public open house.

The Town selected an alternative that provided increased hydraulic capacity and a sidewalk and trail through the structure to be used when river flow was

low. After the alternative selection, RockSol and our subconsultant team developed the design and plans. Roadway design prepared plans for the extent of the excavation. Our staff conducted the geotechnical investigation and prepared the foundation recommendations. Structure design was conducted for the structure frame, including the innovation to post-tension the top slab for increased strength, crack control, and to limit deflections.

Our environmental services group evaluated environmental resources and prepared documents to submit to reviewing agencies. The project involved significant coordination with CDOT, COE, and SHPO.

RockSol managed a team of four subconsultants to complete this bridge replacement project. RockSol conducted structure design, roadway design, geotechnical investigation, utilities relocation and coordination, erosion control plans, and detour plans. RockSol provided structure design, roadway design, geotechnical investigation, environmental coordination, agency coordination, utilities coordination for relocation, detour signing plans, traffic signal adjustments, and project management services. Subconsultants provided surveying, right-of-way plans, hydraulics, and aesthetic treatments.

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