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Stephen D. Hogan Parkway

In August of 2018, the City of Aurora and its Contractor began construction on the Sixth Avenue Parkway project. The name of the parkway was later changed to Stephen D. Hogan Parkway in honor of the City’s late mayor.

This project built upon previous transportation efforts dating as far back as 1996. The purpose of the project is to enhance east-west mobility between 6th Avenue/State Highway 30 and E-470, as well as address the increase in travel demand from residential and business growth in the area.

This project involved the construction of a new roadway and utilities which tie into the existing 6th Avenue on the west end and extending east to the existing 6th Avenue/E-470 interchange. This project also involved four spurs along the proposed road to connect arterials as well as a new 684-foot by 67-foot, 5 span, BT-72 girder bridge over Sand Creek.

A key challenge to this project involved coordinating construction with an adjacent development.  This development project included installing a 30’ deep sewer line and two concrete box culverts directly

under the new roadway.  RockSol provided solutions ensure both projects could complete construction while minimizing any delays.

RockSol and its subconsultant performed construction management, inspection, and materials testing services for this project. RockSol provided a project manager, assistant project manager, two inspectors and one tester. RockSol’s construction management tasks included maintaining logs of submittals, shop drawing, and RFIs; review of pay estimates; and completing project documentation. RockSol also monitored compliance with project specifications; kept accurate, written records of daily activities; and provided quality assurance testing for all materials incorporated into the project.

Additionally, RockSol provided services of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) program which was used to document the progress of the project, measure quantities, and inspect construction.

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