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Erie Parkway over Coal Creek Bridge Replacement

This project for the Town of Erie provided engineering design services for the Erie Parkway Bridge over Coal Creek. RockSol managed the team and provided engineering design services for the Erie Parkway Bridge over Coal Creek. RockSol performed the roadway design, trail design, bridge design, utilities coordination, geotechnical analysis, pavement design, and environmental clearance work to obtain the 404 permits. RockSol also prepared a planning estimate for the Town’s budgeting process as part of the design services.

Our transportation engineering team developed conceptual options that balanced the floodplain modifications, bridge layout, and roadway alignment. We reviewed these concept options and discussed them with the Town to select a preferred option. Key design elements of the decision process were bridge length, hydraulic opening, and design speed. The preferred concept option balanced these characteristics – 220-ft bridge length, no-rise to the 100-yr floodplain, and a 40 MPH design speed. Our bridge engineers, roadway engineers, and the subconsultant hydraulics engineers collaborated during preliminary and final design for the multi-

discipline considerations for developing the coordinated solution to the hydraulic opening, bridge configuration, and roadway profile.

Environmental issues encountered included wetlands and riparian area impacts, Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse (PMJM) habitat, historic resources assessment, and Town of Erie Parks and Open Space coordination. Wetlands and Waters of the US were delineated, and wetland impacts totaled 0.051 acres. The project was authorized by a US Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide 404 Permit 14-Linear Transportation Projects.


After completion of the design, RockSol also provided construction management, inspection, and materials testing services required to support the Town of Erie in completing the construction of the project. Services provided included administrative services, construction management, inspection and pay item documentation, post design services, materials testing and documentation, and project final paperwork documentation.

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