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Environmental Planning

The environmental team at RockSol expertly provides environmental permitting and analysis for transportation design, ranging in size and complexity from Interstate reconstruction and river rehabilitation to small intersection improvements. This work includes obtaining environmental permits and providing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies. We also pride ourselves on the ability to implement design plans during construction, ensuring that the requirements of all environmental specifications, permits, and mitigation measures are met.

NEPA Studies and Environmental Planning

RockSol’s environmental team works together with engineers and clients to ensure accurate plans are created that take into consideration environmental impacts during design. The environmental team performs surveys to determine the environmental impacts of the project, writes environmental-related project specifications, designs wetland and other mitigation plans, and creates a Stormwater

Management Plan (SWMP) for every construction project. Our personnel are experienced in meeting the environmental needs for all project stakeholders, including all city, county, state, and federal entities.


For federally-funded projects where NEPA compliance is required, our environmental team works with our clients through the elaborate NEPA process, completing all necessary surveys and NEPA decision documentation (EIS, EA, Categorical Exclusion), consulting with regulatory and partner agencies, and developing realistic mitigation measures that will be taken during construction, reducing impacts to environmental resources.


Environmental Permitting


RockSol’s team has a deep understanding of the environmental permits necessary to move transportation projects forward in compliance with federal, state, or local environmental regulations. RockSol works with our clients to acquire the information necessary for permit applications by performing all surveys and completing all forms required by the regulatory agency. Our personnel have experience managing MS4, Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, General Stormwater Construction, Dewatering, USFWS Section 7 Consultations, and SB40 Certifications, as well as local jurisdiction permits. In addition, RockSol’s team is familiar with the environmental processes managed by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the Office of Federal Lands Highway (FLH). 


Environmental Compliance


RockSol’s construction management and environmental inspection staff hold certifications in stormwater management, erosion control, Clean Water Act compliance during construction, environmental triggers, NEPA overview, and CDOT’s inspector courses, among others. Our personnel work with both the owner and the operator of any project to ensure environmental compliance with all permits, project specifications, NEPA mitigation measures, and weekly stormwater inspections.

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