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Geotechnical Engineering Analysis & Modeling

RockSol specializes in geotechnical modeling and simulation and has in-house capabilities that can fulfill the needs of complex projects. The progress in development of computer technology and geotechnical engineering analysis methods has launched a new era in geotechnical engineering. Today the construction of a tunnel can be accurately simulated, including all excavation stages and important details of the host geological formation, which results in a more reliable analysis and safer and more economical development. Foundations can be simulated under various conditions including dynamic loading and drainage.

RockSol has extensive experience in the development and application of geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics modeling software. RockSol has developed finite element programs to model excavations in an underground nuclear waste repository in rocksalt. RockSol has extensive experience in using two- and three-dimensional geotechnical softwares such as FLAC, ADINA, and PLAXIS, among others.

RockSol has in-house expertise in soil dynamics, soil/structure interaction, liquefaction potential, and material modeling for design of structures and foundations in earthquake prone areas or for industrial foundations under machine vibration. RockSol is uniquely qualified to develop and apply advanced computational methods for larger geotechnical projects.

RockSol specializes in predictive and preventive geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics analyses. RockSol can provide instrumentation and geological investigation services to provide input and verify the analysis assumptions. We believe geotechnical engineering simulation and modeling should be a standard part of every major foundation, slope stability, and excavation design. We can demonstrate just how important and effective modern geotechnical engineering techniques can be in reducing your construction cost and improving the safety of your project.

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